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Chai Wan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre is one of the eldelry service units of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong.    With the spirit of "To serve, not to be served", we are dedicated to serving the senior citizens who live in the community and their carers through a wide range of quality services.  Through the comprehensive service provision, we aim to enable and support the senior citizens to live and be cared in the community, with healthy, respectful and dignified life.  Furthermore, to promote and enhance their positive roles and contributions in the society.

Target Groups:
1.) Senior citizens aged 60 or above living in Chai Wan
2.) Carers
3.) The community at large

Scope of Service:                                                                          
1.) Health education
2.) Educational and developmental activities
3.) Provision of information on community resources and referral services
4.) Volunteer development
5.) Carer support services
6.) Counselling services          
7.) Reaching out and networking
8.) Social and recreational activities 
9.) Long Term Care application and assessment
10.) Drop-in service